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In our experience, the more clients understand how we work, the more successful our relationship becomes.

While our process is always tailored for the specific needs of each client, it generally works as follows.

  1. We develop a thorough understanding of the skills, experience and personality needed for a candidate to be successful.
  2. We prepare and confirm a recruiting plan and schedule.
  3. We conduct in-depth candidate research, screening and interviewing - with a preference for people who are currently employed.
  4. We present several qualified and available candidates to the client.
  5. We complete client and candidate debriefs as soon as interviews are finished to determine fit and potential.
  6. We complete confidential reference and resume checks.
  7. We assist with offer development, communication and negotiation.
  8. We confirm final offer acceptance and start date.
  9. We maintain contact with the candidate to assess progress.
  10. We maintain contact with the client to assess satisfaction - always guaranteeing each candidate.